She hated the bike. Would never ride it. How can someone get so much pleasure from it? The sound scared her. It roared like a hungry lion. No, I won’t get on. No, no, no. She watched dressed in a red leather outfit and wearing three inch stilettoes. She thought no one could expect me to ride it dressed like this. Stomping around, she looked down the heat wavy road. Nothing no one. Why am I out here?
    From a distance the roar rushed to her. Black bike with teal and silver design. It thundered to a stop. She looked at her husband clothed in black and knew the gray eyes hidden behind the LePhillipe mirrored aviators smiled devilishly. The long lean woman got off reaching for her. No, she screamed silently. I won’t get on. Their hands touched and a flame of desire shot through her.
    The rich voice said, “Come on, baby Lauren, take a ride with me.”
    Like a captured animal, she got on even as her heart raced and her palms got wet. The sound of the bike’s motor revving up jarred her back to the present. She tensed and squirmed. “No, Ri, I don’t want to.”
    Moore sat her in front so she could hold the handlebars. “Close your eyes, release and let go your fear.”
    Lauren’s mind screamed no but her body enjoyed the pulsating power of the motor. She felt the energy flow through her. She became one with the bike.
    As they zoomed off in the late afternoon sun, Moore sensed the relaxation and thought Harley had claimed another. Lauren enjoying a ride on my motorcycle who would’ve thought.


    Chapter 1

    Carlee walked the streets oblivious to the people she bumped into. The cold blowing rain had soaked her threadbare coat. Tears stung her eyes as she trudged along not knowing where she was or where she was going. She was supposed to meet John “The Wise.” She wondered who he was and whether he was wise and good. Mountain blizzard hunger assaulted her stomach. Her head spun. Just before she pitched forward and cracked her head on the sidewalk a hand grabbed her. “Are you alright,” the voice asked. She couldn’t answer and collapsed into the stranger’s arms.
    She awoke in a clean bed. The linen smelled so fresh she couldn’t stop sniffing it. She sat up. The place was feather landing quiet. Where was she? She stood slowly and took in her surroundings. It was a nice room in an old-fashioned way. Pale yellow curtains graced the windows. A blue and beige worn carpet kept the chill off her feet. Where were her clothes the few she had? Her small purse sat on the nightstand. She opened it quickly. Well, at least I’m not among thieves since my last twelve dollars remained. But where was she? And why was she here?
    The door opened with, “Ah, you’re awake. Good.”
    Carleee stared at the round-faced woman. “Where am I?”
    The woman smiled. “You are at Sanctuary. I am Rev. Lu. So how are you feeling this morning?”
    “I am fine. I guess. What do you want from me?”
    “Nothing, other than getting you back on your feet. I brought your clothes. Get dressed and come down for breakfast.”
    Reverend Lu left the room smiling.
    Carlee sat for a minute. Although thankful to be warm and dry, she worried. Can people really be so kind? Maybe but she didn’t think so. All the people in her life had wanted something. She dressed slowly thinking about how to escape. As she started down the stairs laughter rushed up to greet her. She entered the dining room where nine young women sat around the table eating, drinking and laughing. One of the girls got up and walked over. She said, “Hi, my name is Sarabeth,” as she took Carlee’s hand and led her to the table. Rev. Lu raised her hand to quiet the girls. “This is Carlee. Please welcome her to our family.” The girls chorused hellos with big smiles.


    Tangible, torchy, tough
    Resilient, restless, right for me
    Angry, audacious, alive
    Nervous, nervy and free
    Stand, stretch, sing
    Grand, gracious, gratefully
    Exceptional, energized, excellent
    Natural, never, nearly,
    Dangerous, dynamic, darling
    Experience, evade, endure
    Radiant, resourceful, resist