Mar. 13, 2017


As I wandered around Greenwich Vilage I caught the sounds of chanting. Where, why and who? Then down they came turning into The Avenue of Americas toward 8th Street.. Who you ask? Women. Thousands marching togeethr to protect the rights of all As I watched I saw an array of inspiring and thought-provoking posters. It wasn't only women marching. Men joined the cavlacade of marchers sporting posters like "I support women's right to choose." Men carried their children up high and walked holding their hands. 

The most intriguing sign said. "Resistance is Fertile." It made me laugh as I remembered in Star Trek the Next Generation the Borg saying "Resistance is Futile." However, looking at this new incarnation what does it mean? My take is resistance will grow like a well-watered plant. As more ideas crop up to eliminate the hard-fought rights more people will resist and take to the streets. 

Resistance is a seed that will continue to grow forcing Congress to realize we are not lambs led to slaughter. We wil irrighate the seed of resistance by demonstrating, marching. protesting and writing our Congress representatives, newspapers, each other and blogging. Each and every acto of the-man-who-is-not-my-president and his minions will be scrutinized, disected and eventually destroyed.

We of a certain age remember pictures of hoses and dogs turned on Civil Rights protesters.

Those of an age earlier remember the holocaust and the internment of the Japanese. Going back others will remember women bieng spat on and attack as they sought their rights. And stepping back to the War Between the States people can read about the Riots of 1863 when blacks were lynched by stirred up crowds. So no we won't forget the pain of the ancestors who knew oppression is oppression is oppression. Many of us will become dead martyrs rather than lambs led to slaughter. Nothing, and I mean nothing lasts forever. Think about the Berlin wall.

Keep marching, protesting, demonstrating and fighting for the rights of every person in the United States and the world. History will remember you.