This will be a page about the people who left Earth and landed on the planet Kharizma in some far off galaxy. It will also inform readers about their lives before leaving.

Hete's the beginning list of the people who are part of Moore's life and who talk to me sometimes too much.

Commander Riana Marie Moore- former homicide lieutnenant-turned rebel - turned commander of 3,000 people who escaped Earth before the Great Chaos. She's 5'11", loves cowboy boots, rich, black. with gray eyes and lesbian. She's fought for the underdog even while searching for killers as a New York City policewoman. Integrity is both her virtue and flaw. 

Lauren Jamie McCutcheon Moore- former defense attorney and counselor to the Kharizma governing body. Statuesque, with emerald eyes and a powerhouse attorney. Flaw: fear of abandonment. 

Karen Colt: Moore's majordomo and the person who's known Moore the longest as an adult. Virtue: loyalty. Flaw: in love with Moore.

Dr. Winthrop Morgan: the man who rescued Moore after the murder of her parents. A preeminient psychiatrist. Virtue: love for his niece. Flaw: allowing a teenage Moore to wreck havoc on personal relationships.