This page will be ongoing. I have no reason to write other than I like to express myself through poetry (some), short stories, novels and blogs. Writing is therapeutic and I believe my words can touch people.

     At 70, I feel time is too short for fluff. As a woman of color and a lesbian, I feel all rights must be protected. Dynamic, vibrant, and colorful women are important to preserving the strength of women. All women and people have value and will work to remind the world of that fact and ride the cosmic express daily. We are mighty, resilient and loyal. My characters and the books I have and will review promote women's strength. Remember women bear the children.

     It is a joy to find a blank sheet of paper or screen filled with symbols that turn into words. As I move forward I will address why I write in more detail. However, the main reason to paraphrase Audre Lorde, my silence will not protect me. With that being said, I'd rather be a dead martyr than a lamb led to slaughter.

Looking forward to writing more and hearing your comments about writing and reading.