Catherine Maorisi’s A Matter of Blood  is a fantastic read. One you cannot put down. It centers on Chiara Corelli a New York detective who is ostracized for exposing a band of rogue officers. She wants to get back to work however, she needs a partner. Detective P.J. Parker, former ADA, who wants to work homicide, is selected to be it. Parker wants homicide and one of the best to teach her is Corelli. Their relationship is stormy. Parker thinks of Corelli as reckless while Corelli sees Parker as privileged.

Family is the cornerstone of this tantalizing read. Corelli has a large Italian family. Parker’s consist of “Senator Daddy” and the murdered woman a host of relatives who don’t really like her. Maorisi throws light on how families are constructed and the challenges that lie in familial borders.

There is humor especially in one scene where Corelli and Parker are surprised when they go to question a member of the victim’s staff. Won’t spoil it by telling why.

A Matter of Blood is not a romance but a detective story and yet there are scenes of extreme sensuality. Maorisi shows the conflict of and within families but also the crisis of consciousness of sometimes choosing the lesser of two evils. Within it these pages one sees things are not as much as may be wanted always black and white. Corelli and Parker are a dynamic duo and after reading A Matter of Blood one cannot wait for the next installment. Hail to Maorisi for given readers a new detective series.